Please read below for detailed information or use this link to register for services.

Dear Friends and Family of Bethel:

As we seek to re-open Bethel Community Church, the Elders have consulted with multiple sources, including the latest CDC Guidelines for Communities of Faith. We seek above all else to ensure the reasonable safety of our people as we begin to worship together again. Obviously, some things will be different, certainly in the short run, but we believe the gathering together of God’s people is a very good thing, even with these restrictions.

We know that some may believe that the additional precautions may be unnecessary; however, we ask that everyone participates in a spirit of grace and lovingkindness. The following guidelines seek to safely, prudently, and reasonably open Bethel.

These guidelines will be constantly reevaluated as we move through this together toward gathering without restrictions.

General Information:

  • If anyone in a family has a temperature, has been coughing or sick, please respect those attending and remain home and worship there as a family.
  • For those who have a compromised immune system or believe it is appropriate to stay home for a time, please feel free to do so. This includes those in leadership positions. The service will continue to be available online and live streamed.

To Prepare to Attend In-Person Services:

  • Services will be at 9AM and 11 AM. Services will be less than one hour. After everyone exits the building for first service, the sanctuary and bathrooms will be sanitized, and the building will then open up again right before the second service. Initially there will ONLY be worship services – No other Sunday ministries.
  • There is an online signup for the services.  Services will be limited to 100 each with one section designated as the sanctuary “Masks Optional” section and the other as the sanctuary overflow “Masks Required” section for both services. Please see the guidelines below for these two sections. The Fellowship Room will also be available for families to worship. Please use this link to sign up for services.
  • The church bulletin, Sermon Notes, and Life Group Study Guide will not be available for distribution on Sunday morning for the time being. All of these resources are on our website and can be printed before you arrive for church. We also encourage you to bring your own Bible.

Guidelines for Attending Services

  • For the overflow “Masks Required” section, masks must be worn at ALL times once entering Bethel. If you do not have a mask, there will be a limited number of masks available for you to use. If you need to remove your mask during the service, please exit the building, remove it and then return with your mask on.
  • For the sanctuary “Masks Optional” section, masks may be used or not at the discretion of those in this section.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the bathrooms and foyer.
  • Please no beverages – it will be difficult to drink with a mask.
  • Building access will be limited to the Sanctuary area only through the front doors (#2 and #3). There will be no access through the parking lot door (#1).
  • The main floor of the sanctuary and the overflow will be isolated from each other.  Each will have dedicated entrances, exits and bathroom access.
  • You will be directed to your seat by an usher. Every other row will be closed with a maximum of four per seating area. Families with more than two children will be asked to sit separately, but in proximity to each other.
  • No handshaking, hugging or similar greetings.
  • The sanctuary and overflow pews will be marked with tape. Please respect these divisions to maintain social/family distancing.
  • The current main floor bathrooms will temporarily be designated unisex since they will be serving dedicated areas. Each will have an attendant as a monitor so people of different genders are not in the bathroom at the same time. To alleviate lines, please use the bathroom at home before you arrive.
  • Please exit the church immediately following a service. Ushers will direct people to the appropriate exits. Please do not congregate in the halls/foyer at this time.


  • Please keep in contact with church Staff and Elders to communicate praises, prayer requests and needs in OUR church community as we continue to trust God to lead us through these challenging times.
  • Please wash your hands frequently and remember to continue to practice social distancing as we gather together.
  • Finally, we pray that we will all continue to seek the Lord to make this a meaningful worship experience. Practicing social distancing, using masks, and cautious practices are difficult for all of us, but we will continue to Love God and Love His People.