Our Mission

Our Mission

Proclaim the Truth of Jesus and Grow Mature Disciples for the Glory of God

Bethel Community Church has been in existence since 1899. We have over a century of blessings to speak of here at Bethel Community Church. Please browse our website for more information about our church and the ministries we offer. For more specific information please contact us

If you come to one of our Sunday morning worship services you will immediately notice a major facet of what makes Bethel Church unique. Attending the services each week is a generational mix – from babies in the nursery to our seniors in their eighties and nineties we are well represented in every age group across the board. You will come to Bethel and find people who are in the same stage of life as you. Every person is important to us because we try to plan for people in every walk of life.

We work to present God as relevant and meaningful to every life from birth through the final years of life. We have specific ministries throughout each week that focus specifically on ages and phases of life. Our Sunday morning worship services are the place where we come together as a whole community to worship God and hear about how much we matter to God and how much knowing God matters to us.

This gives Bethel an amazing community of people who care for each other. This care allows people young and old to share life experiences, encourage each other, and serve one another in love. Of course being so diverse means that there are sacrifices to be made and a real need to think about how we treat others. But that is what it means to be part of a family. Our prayer is that anyone who comes to Bethel will find that there is a place here for them and that they do matter to God and to us.