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One of the best ways to get involved at the church, or to get to know more people, is by joining a Community Group. These are small groups of people from the church that meet regularly at houses or at the church. These groups work through a study that has been written based on what has been preached that week. The goal of a Community Groups is threefold. Growing in Bible Knowledge, times of fellowship, and praying for each other.

Community Groups meet for six to eight weeks at a time with a few week breaks between sessions. Groups are how we grow as a community and build lifelong relationships. Many people love their groups because they not only get to meet new people but they are encouraged to pray for others in their group.

Study guides for groups are written with the intent to help us Gather together as a church, Grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus, Practice our faith, and Go out into our community.

There are a variety of groups that meet on different days of the week. Our goal is to make them available for different schedules. Currently we have a groups meeting on and off site of the facility. If you would like to be placed in a group, contact the church office at 773.775.2355 or