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As of August 24, 2021, Bethel has updated its COVID-19 protocol:

• All services and ministries will be masked optional.

• All services will contain a mask required section.

• Ministries will be intentional to create as much spacing (up to six feet) as a room and participants allow.

• Ministry nights may be scheduled to allow ministries to use larger or multiple rooms to create as much spacing is practical and have space for those who require additional distancing.

• There may be some activities or games that occur during a ministry that by nature will not allow for social distancing.

• Anyone attending a service or ministry at Bethel should self-screen before coming (parents and guardians are responsible to screen children and youth) and should stay at home if you have a body temperature over 100 degrees, have a new cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition or display signs of Covid, the Flu, or a cold.

• Contract tracing will be performed if anyone is found to have had Covid while at Bethel.

• There will not be pre-registration for regular ministry based on predetermined capacity limits. If capacity at a ministry gets high, then alternate overflow rooms may be utilized.

• Any Bethel attender who invites others to services or ministries is responsible to communicate the protocols to those they invite and make sure they follow them.

• The Elders will review periodically and adjust the protocols if needed.

• We expect our members and attenders to follow these protocols humbly and gracefully.